Monday, 9 September 2013

And now for something completely different

It's probably been rather noticable that I've been neglecting this blog somewhat. May happened, and with it came some things I had to deal with, and didn't have the mental energy to write. Work got incredibly busy in June, July saw us looking for a flat and August saw us moving into the flat, with all the hope and optimism of two people hoping that we'd have somewhere relatively nice to stay...only to discover that moving doesn't mean you won't have any problems to sort out. 

My rather long blog holiday has actually been good for me, though. Not because I needed a break from blogging, but because it's allowed me to take stock of a few things. Corey and I have had a talk (ok, it's mostly me talking, but still...), and we've decided we've got to start doing some of the things we want to do. Both of us have things we really want to do, some of which isn't attainable when only one of us works full time (such as going on the Trans-Siberian Railway or climbing Kilimanjaro). We've been so focussed, though, on things that we can't do that we've forgotten that there are things we can do. As I'm the only one that can save at the moment, I've been squirrelling away as much as I can, we never do anything, and so we've been stuck. Neither of us have been happy. I've lost my ambition and drive, and Corey has started giving up on some of his dreams. more! As I said, there are things we can do. So, once Corey is back from his week at his parents, we're going to enrol in German lessons. I'm going to undertake a management course in a few months time, and, once our flat is sorted, I may look at taking piano lessons in the New Year. I've already booked onto a photography course in October, and I can't wait to go to it.

In addition to this, the blog is going to change a little. I'm not going to stop talking about my various crochet and knitting projects. I'll show you the flat and any DIY that I do in it. But I'm going to also start talking about other things that are important to me. I feel that by just talking about crafts and photography, with the occasional ramble about something else on the side, I'm not being true to myself. There's a big, massive side to me that I hide from this blog because I feel it may not be appropriate, or that it may garner unwanted comments.

I am incredibly passionate about human rights. I did a masters in International Human Rights because I fell in love with the subject when I did a module in it in my second year. Over the past few months I've made friends with someone who did International Politics and the in depth discussions I can have with her about things we read in the news, or current affairs and issues has made me realise just how much I miss that side of myself, just how much I've suppressed it. I talk about things with Corey, I explain things to him that he doesn't understand, but it's not the same as getting passionate about something, researching about it and then writing down an opinion. 

So, from now on, when I get a bee in my bonnet about something, I'm going to do more research on it and write a post on it. Don't worry, this won't stop me blathering on about yarn, and patterns, and how I forgot to change my shutter speed and so my images were over/under exposed. These additional posts will probably also be rather infrequent. I also realise that it may not quite fit with the rest of the posts I write. But I started this blog many years ago to write about the things I want to write about. I'm tired of keeping quiet about things that anger me, or make me sad. I'm tired of being scared about what people may think of me (although I'm pretty certain I don't have particularly controversial views!). 

I'm going to start doing the things I want to do, and write about all the things that interest me. 

Oh, and yes, there will be footnotes and proper referencing.

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