Monday, 13 May 2013

Go green! #BEDM

What do I do to make a difference? Probably not enough, but I do what I can. 

We don't recyle on a regular basis. I'd love to, and we used to, but Leicester city council replaced the recycling  boxes with yellow bags. This is quite possibly the most stupid idea ever, as we have no space to put the bags in our kitchen. It's so small it barely fits our regular bin! Plus, once a yellow bag is full, you can't put it outside, as the cats and foxes will get to it. Oh, and it'll attract even more mice. So, unfortunately, all of our rubbish goes into landfill. Rant over...

We do, however, give all suitable clothes and items to charity shops when we have a clear out of the flat. There are a load of wonderful charity shops in Leicester, so there's no excuse not to do this. I've also started shopping at charity shops for clothes. Not only is it cheaper, but it also means things get reused. 

Due to living relatively close to all the amenities, we don't own a car. Which can be annoying for longer distance trips, but for the most part, we walk everywhere and catch public transport when visiting our respective families. To avoid food waste, any left overs are either eaten for lunch the next day, or frozen. It means we also have a ready supply of healthy meals in the freezer, for those "I can't be bothered to cook" days. 

None of this is likely to save the world, but I'd like to think that it helps, just a little. I am quite passionate about trying to take care of our planet. It's a wonderful place that should be treasured. At the same time, I wish corporations and industry would do more. I'm rather cynical in my belief that the only time an alternative fuel is discovered will be either once the oil has run out, or just before. Until then, the industry is making far too much money out of us to change it's ways. I can only hope the damage that is happening isn't completely irreprible. 

It seems my rant wasn't over! Sorry!

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