Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Feeling rather torn!

Today's Blog Every Day in May topic was food related. I had a good idea for a post, based on some breakfast cup cakes I made recently, then I came home and the tiredness train hit me. So instead, I want to ask your opinion.

I've been going through an old portable hard drive and sorting out the pictures on there. In all of the pictures of me...I'm blond. I've always been blond, right from when I was a baby, through to October last year. I did have one stint when I dyed my hair brunette, and another where I tried auburn. But I've mostly been blond. I'm currently trying to resist dying my hair any colour, in the hopes that I can discover what my natural hair colour is now (it's looking to be a little lighter than the colour it is at the moment). It feels weird, though. I feel weird without my blond hair. It's been 6 months and I'm still not used to it! I feel like I'm more serious, and look older. This is probably all psychological, I realise, since I associate blond with my youth. 

It's got me thinking, though...should I (eventually) go back to being blond?

Here are some comparative photo's: 

Yeah, I know, you could have just looked at the picture to the right of your screen.

Or blond:

Yeah, I want to lose a bit of weight, but this picture reminds me there's such a thing as losing too much...

This picture was taken with my phone, in our bathroom mirror. Hence the great quality
Or blond:

My chopstick holding technique may be wrong, but it works for me, and that's all that counts :P
Second question, for if I ever go to the hairdressers again...Long hair or short hair?

So far I've got one for going back to blond and one for staying the way I am. I also got a "do whatever you like, it's your hair" from my manager. "Oh yes, you were blond before" from my other manager who forgot I had a different hair colour. And finally "You look great whatever colour you have". Which is very sweet, Corey, but not at all helpful with my dilemma.

I realise this isn't a particularly important question...but I'd like opinions! I'm going to try go another 6 months of not doing anything hair colour wise. If I do change my colour, or hair length, I'll let you know!

P.S. for more blond pictures, see my About Me page!


  1. I love it in the first picture! So full and shiny! Don't change it x

    1. I feel like a fraud, though! It's really hard to explain. I'm going to try and grow it all out, see what my colour actually is and then go from there. I *may* go short again, though, in the meantime! I'm always getting bored of the way my hair looks...

  2. Ginger! (we're winning. Your hair is a democracy right?)

  3. I vote auburn like the first pic too! So lovely!

  4. Ok, what I'm going to do is see what my natural hair colour is first, and then decide! It's funny that everyone who's seen me with only auburn hair says I should stick with it, but everyone who's seen me blond wants me to go back.

    I definitely think I'll be getting a restyle sometime soon, though!


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