Sunday, 19 May 2013

Fit and Healthy #BEDM

I'm shaking things up a bit today. This was a topic from a week and a half ago, but I never talked about it then. Anyway, here's my thoughts on being fit and healthy. 

This is purely my opinion, but it seems from the way I feel, and from talks with other people, that there is a weight and size at which people feel healthy at. This may be a size 8, or a size 14. It may be a size that doesn't fit the conventional opinion on what a healthy size is. But it's a size that makes a person feel comfortable in their own skin and in their own clothes. 

I am currently not my "healthy" size. I don't feel right, and I've developed a dislike for wearing trousers that aren't baggy. My thighs feel like tree trunks, and while shorts may fit my waist, they feel like bands around my legs. The curse of being a pear shape...

To those who have met me, or seen a picture of me, I know I'm not overweight. I know that I don't need to go on an extreme diet, or intensive exercise programme. But I'd like to lose a little. Just a little. I used to be about 55 kilo's. I lost weight after a period of stress, and I didn't feel healthy then. I then gained far too much weight, 15 kilo's, and now I'd like to some of it. 

I'd like to get to about 60 kilo's (about 9 stone). I plan on doing that by tweaking my diet, and exercising more. We eat pretty healthily, but tend to gorge on unhealthy things whenever they're in the house. I'd like to learn restraint and moderation. I can't cut out junk food from my diet completely. As I discovered on Thursday, this just leads to me coming home for lunch, making and then eating a rediculous amount of butter icing...


So to be healthy, I'm going to learn that it's ok to leave that biscuit for another day. It's not going to run away. It's also ok to only eat a little bit of a tub of Haagen-Dazs. While it's incredibly difficult to do this, it does mean that there'll be nice things two, three, four days a week, and not just the one. If only my brain could grasp that concept. I've also got a calorie count app on my phone that's letting me see (roughly) how much my intake is each day. This lets me adjust my intake. For instance, I had two really bad days of junk food eating last week. So today and yesterday I've had two reduced calorie days to make up for it. Reduced calorie, not starvation. I don't believe in starving yourself to a better weight. 

With regards fitness, I'm exercising more. I want to get out and run, but it's a form of exercise I don't automatically love to do. Which means that it's really easy for me to find excuses not to do it. The cold is one such excuse. I don't like the cold, my back seizes up in it, my ears hurt, and I get grumpy. So, instead, I'll do half an hour to 40 minutes of exercise indoors, either using an exercise DVD or by jogging on the spot while using light weights. 

At my heaviest I was 68 kilo's. I've managed to bring that down to 64, but it's crept up again. Last weekend I was 66.4 kilo's. This week: 65.7 - a 700 gram (1.5 lbs) loss. I've also lost nearly half an inch off my waist. 

After the two bad days (involving a bowl of butter icing, half an angel cake and custard, rocky road slices and cake, as well as chocolates), I'm pretty chuffed with that!

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