Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Cuith-Raing/Quiraing

 On Thursday, we went for a drive around the north east of Skye. We went to the Faerie Glen, but Corey didn't realise that we were in the Glen and didn't stop for us to walk about and take a few pictures. We continued on, stopped at a Souterrain, that was very flooded inside so we couldn't go in. I asked Corey if we could go back a little ways and go down the road that would take us to the Quiraing. We drove along this rather scenic road (then again, what road in Skye isn't scenic?) and came out to this:

Corey reckoned the above was a former dwelling of sorts. I tease him about how he always finds random things in the landscape that the ordinary person wouldn't see, such as evidence of ridges and furrows and former dwellings. The truth is, walking with him is absolutely fascinating. I may gaze in wonder at the scenery, but he's taught me to look further than the pretty hills and notice that there is history beneath our feet, too.

Anyone who's seen the film Stardust may recognise the scenery from a few of the scenes. It formed the backdrop to part of Lamia's search for Yvaine, and it's where Yvaine and Tristan found the road to Wall.

It's also one of the places where I wish I had a wider angle lens! I love my 50mm, it takes the most beautiful portrait pictures, but when it comes to landscapes, I just can't get enough into the frame. I can't complain, though. I love every single picture I took, and am pleased with the way many of them turned out. Some of them were over exposed or not clear enough, but I didn't really have the time to fiddle about with my camera too much.

If you are ever in Skye, even if you're in one of the other sections, as we were, I would recommend coming and visiting this part of the island. You have the Faerie Glen, which really does seem like it's from another world, and the Quiraing, which is on the Trotternish, quite possibly the prettiest place we saw during our stay. Considering the stunning views that you get all over the island, that's saying something.


  1. Ahhh we were there in between Christmas and New Year! MAgical is the right word for it and looks like you were blessed with the weather! Lovely photos (we got stuck in a hailstorm and I was too afraid to take my camera out) xxx

    1. These photo's and the ones I took from the final day (not up yet) I was really pleased with. I remembered how to use my camera and so could sort out exposure and everything a bit more.

      We were very blessed with the weather. It was only the Friday, and the morning of the Sunday that there was cloud cover. The couple who came up the week before for Valentines had horrendous weather, or so our hosts told us!

      I hope you still had a wonderful stay, even if the weather wasn't as great for you.


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