Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Postcard from Skye

View of Scotland from Broadford
Clear sky. Stunning view. Good day to climb a mountain. 

Ben na Caillich
Heart pounding. Calves aching. Making our way up.

Buds appearing. Sun shining. Spring is on its way.

Catching our breath. Looking down. Enjoying the view.

Getting steep. Scrambling up. Wondering how we'll get down.

Body shaking. Realisation I can't go further. Turning back.

Yesterday was the first day I found a mountain I couldn't get to the top of. When faced with a very steep section, where I would have to climb over rocks that may move beneath my feet, I remembered I have a fear of falling. I knew I could get up. I just didn't think I'd be able to go back down again. As my body started shaking, I yelled up to Corey that I was heading down. We may have failed in our attempts, but we got down with all our limbs intact. So I'd call it a success.

Today's walk will be chosen by me. It won't involve near vertical climbs.

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  1. That is GORGEOUS!!! Also definitely a good plan not risking falling rocks and being trapped. I'd have probably made it half way up max. xxx


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