Friday, 4 January 2013

My birthday

Two posts in one day? What madness is this? 

Well, I've just got a few thoughts bubbling around in my head right now, so I thought I'd write them down. I thought I'd also explain why I've said my birthday's been postponed to people on twitter.

Today is my birthday. I turn 27. I am currently ignoring the fact I am exactly 3 years away from 30. 

I'm spending it all alone by choice. Corey has an interview on the 8th. He needs to go to St Albans to pick up his brothers car so that he can drive up to Leeds on that day. Coincidentally, he had taken next week off before he knew of the interview. 

He could have gone down tomorrow, but he would have had to come up again tomorrow as friends of ours are coming up on Sunday to try out what was voted the best place for a Sunday roast in the county. He could have gone home Sunday night and come back on Monday. 

I told him he should go today. It means he gets a full nights sleep for 5 nights before the interview, and he is currently exhausted. It means he doesn't have to travel the day before his interview, so that he's refreshed for Tuesday. His interview is more important than me being spoilt on my birthday.

The best start to the year, the best present of all, would be for him to get this job. Even though I know I'm going to end up sobbing my eyes out at us being in a middle distance relationship yet again, should it happen. 

I could have gone with him, but he hasn't seen his friends since before Christmas and I know he'll want to go and have a drink with them tonight. I just feel like having a cozy night in. I'd rather not force him into doing the same just because "It's my birthday". Plus I don't have next week off, and I'm feeling pretty tired myself! Traveling tonight and tomorrow would exhaust me.

I was told I wasn't going to get any presents today. I'm not 5, so I was ok with waiting until the general celebrations on Sunday. 

I was surprised at the, well, surprise, my colleagues expressed at this. I was told some people would freak out about being left on their birthday.

I came home from work, looked at the window to our flat, as I usually do. There's currently a huge happy birthday banner stuck across it. I sat down on the sofa and got handed a gift wrapped in Muppet's wrapping paper. It's Studio 60, bought because I absolutely love everything I've ever watched of Aaron Sorkin's work (granted this is only the West Wing and Newsroom, but still). Then I was brought a choux pastry bun, with chocolate drizzled on top, and cream as a filling. The washing up was done, my dinner, which I had taken out of the freezer to defrost, put in the slow cooker to heat up. Unfortunately this was all done in the 10 minutes Corey had before he had to prepare to leave. 

This is why it's easy to give up my birthday day celebrations. I have a boyfriend who, instead of going with the plan of postponing everything, still makes my birthday special for me. I'm very, very lucky. 

I'd quite like to know what that smaller gift is in front of the TV, though...

*Edit: the gift in front of the TV isn't that. It's neither box shaped nor small enough. Sorry!

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