Monday, 7 January 2013

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sometime this week I promise to do a roundup of Christmas, New Year and my birthday. Probably not all in one post, as you can all guess by now I find it rather hard to be concise! I was planning on doing it today, but I've had no time to take nice pictures of the wonderful things I got, and the things I gave. I can say, I discovered over Christmas I genuinely prefer giving presents over getting. Not that I don't like getting presents, but I get a real kick out of watching people open the gifts I've taken the time to buy or make. 

Speaking of making gifts, I had a whole long list I wanted to make for people for Christmas this year. I gave up making some: two scarves for my cousins, characters from the Mario games for friends. The yarn I was using for my cousins scarves wasn't nice and I'd rather spend a bit more time getting nicer yarn and crocheting or knitting with that. I'll use the yarn for toy making instead. As for the characters, well, I just didn't have enough hours in the day! Or, I did, but would find myself crocheting furiously until my hand ached, and then I couldn't crochet for a few days after that. However, I did make a few gifts. The one I'm going to show today is my favourite. 

If you had told me a year ago that I would make that, I would have laughed in your face. In a nice way, but still, you would have had me in hysterics. Me? The girl who can barely knit properly, make a sonic that actually looks like Sonic? HA! Well, I did. 

I found the pattern here. Sonic is Corey's favourite video game character from when he was younger and when I saw the pattern, I just knew I had to at least try and make him! What followed was a month and a bit where I frantically crocheted while Corey was working late or weekends, hiding the tell tale signs underneath a scarf I'd completed before. He's not perfect. I just knew his eyes wouldn't be right, as I am incapable of free hand drawing anything. But for once I look at something I've done and feel pleased with myself. 

Here he is from behind. I couldn't get him to stand up, so he's collapsed on my sewing box

His socks were also supposed to roll up. I don't know if it was my tension, or the pattern, but they just didn't want to! 

I tweeted a very badly taken picture to show a friend, and the game was nearly up when Corey saw the picture as I was going through stuff on my phone. My refusal to tell him what it was meant he knew I'd made something for him. I knew I had to make him think it was something else. My brain thought Yogie Bear, and I convinced him I'd made him that, much to his disappointment (which he tried valiently to hide!). His face as he opened it was worth all the secret crocheting and cramped up hands. 

I may not be proud of his eyes, but I quite like his cheeky grin that I embroidered!

All I can say to beginners who are currently struggling to make the first chain look good: you'll be able to make something like this sooner than you think. I promise you. It's so much easier than it looks!


  1. I don't think you need to worry about the eyes though - I can't see any faults. We're always more critical when it's our own work aren't we, but you shouldn't be so critical he is ace! I get nervous handing over something that I've made for someone, I always think they're being polite.

    1. Corey said the same thing! The problem with me is I'm a bit of a perfectionist, which I find hard to ignore when I'm making something. I mean, it's home made, for goodness sake, even people who make home made things for a living don't get them all perfectly right. Isn't that the beauty of a home made item: it's uniqueness? But I want to try and get everything looking as if a machine made it!

      As for giving people things, I've discovered there's this look most people have as they open a gift that shows whether they like it or not. Just this split second look of joy or disappointment. I also only give hand made things to people I know would appreciate them!

      Then again, there are people like me who are dancing with joy inside, but have the expression of a robot on the outside. I feel so awkward receiving gifts unless I'm also giving gifts!

  2. I LOVE HIM! he's so cool! what a great gift - so you're both great gift givers! right thats it, I'm going to learn to Crochet! eek! it scares me! xxx

    1. I found it harder to start than knitting, particularly the way you hold the yarn. And my start chain is never perfect. But once I'm done with that, it's so much quicker than knitting and I find it easier to do, too!

  3. This is pure amazing! Crysta you are a talented lady,wish I had the skill or patience!


    1. Thank you! I never used to have the patience, but then I discovered I get a huge kick out of making something that actually looks like it should (roughly). I never thought I could do something like this.


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