Friday, 4 January 2013


A couple of months ago I started a once a week photography post. I intended to write this one a lot sooner, but things happened and I didn't. The last set of pictures was of me. Then my grandmother came over to visit in the beginning of November and so this post was born.

My cousin Connor. 6ft 7 and the tallest in my whole family. He's only 16...

My uncle (front) and father (back). 10 years apart, but the Campbell gene's are strong

The twins, Luca (back) and Tyler (front). My youngest cousins.

My grandmother and mother

My little brother, Jamie. 10 years between us. It's his birthday next Friday.

The only two people missing from this are my aunt Lisa, who hates photographs, and my middle brother Alistair, who was away that weekend.

I intended to post this yesterday, but I suppose as it's my birthday today, it's more appropriate to show pictures of my family now.


  1. Oh my goodness, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUU. Have a magnificent day, desk disco to celebrate!

    Also, yes the Campbell genes are strong!

    1. I think the next time a baby is born into my family,I may have to remark "The Campbell genes are strong in that one" and see if anyone gets the reference!

      The desk disco will be commencing in approximately half an hours time: the length of time it takes for me to get bored of going through the Queen's Honours list!


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