Wednesday, 2 January 2013


My cry for help isn't for anything urgent and I'm not in any kind of distress. I'm just looking for some ideas, really. 

Corey has itchy feet. He loves to travel. As do I, but I'm more content than he is to bide my time and do things like that tomorrow. I now have the money to travel far afield. He doesn't and it's one of many things that's making him feel down at the moment. I cannot help him with the other things, beyond encouraging him and being a shoulder to lean on. But I would like to take him on an adventure this year. 

At the start of his cycle from John O'Groats to Lands End.

He inter-railed around Europe with a friend at the end of his first year at university. In a month they went though 20 something countries, stopping in some of them. It was a whirlwind tour that left them both exhausted, but very happy. 

Currently one of his friends is on a trip sort of around the world. Intending to only go for 6 months, when he finally gets back, if he finally gets back, it'll be two years. I know Corey sees his facebook status and pictures and wishes it was him. 

It could have been him, you see. He wanted to go straight after his undergraduate degree. He then wanted to go straight after his masters. Beyond a lack of money, there was only one thing holding him down. Me. I'm into traveling for a few months at a time, but whole year, right now, when I'm at the start of my working life, doesn't appeal to me. So instead of following his dream of traveling, he's chosen me instead. Something I feel stupidly guilty about sometimes. I sometimes tell him to just go and travel, that I'm not worth giving up his dreams for. He's not listened to me yet...

What do I need help for? I want to take him somewhere completely new this year, either for our anniversary (February) or his birthday (September). The thing is, it has to be somewhere cheap, preferably with a bit of history, good places to hike (if there's a mountain he could conquer that would be all the better!) and somewhere two people with no car could get to. I'm thinking somewhere in the UK, but I'd like it to be somewhere different. A place he would perhaps never chose to go himself. Perhaps with unique historical sites, or interesting places. He's not into art galleries, but museums and dusty old houses are more his forte 

Perhaps I'll take him to Bath and send him to Mr B's...Or Scotland to climb a Munro or two...

Up Mount Snowdon after completing the Three Peaks challenge this year

Does anyone know of anywhere exciting in these fair isles?


  1. What about Yorkshire, somewhere around York maybe? Plenty of history, lovely city, not far from the hills for big walks, Betty's for lots of afternoon teas, easy to get to places like Whitby and other lovely places by train. February it's possibly the kind of place that gets expensive and busy with romantic valentine weekenders, September time though it'd be nicer, especially for walks in the Dales. Settle is very easy to get to as a base for going off on walks, there's a lovely youth hostel there (if it's still open, I've not stayed there in years, the last time we went we hired a bunk barn but they tend to be harder to get to without a car)
    If I was going away I'd want to go to Scotland and go all over - Inverness to stay with friends, Edinburgh because I've not been in about 5 years, Glasgow because I've never been. I'd get out into the highlands for walks so long you ache for days afterwards...hmmm day dreams of cosy holidays!

    1. Settle looks good: train station, plus it's near Giggleswick! With a place name like that, I'll just HAVE to visit it! It also looks stunning and I have a soft spot for Yorkshire. It was the first place we lived in when we first emigrated.

      I may actually try to take him to two places: one for a weekend, the other for a longer holiday. He has a 2 man tent, so as long as there's a campsite, accommodation is sorted. But Scotland and Yorkshire are tempting me!

    2. Giggleswick, surely must be the jolliest place. There's a lovely campsite in Wales called Llyn Gwynant (probably spelt wrong) it has a lake to kayak on, fire pits, hot showers (if like me you love camping but hate being cold) I'm not sure how easy it is to reach by train though. Ahh you'll have such a good time where ever you go.

  2. What about Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland? There are good places to stay along the wall and the hiking should be amazing. Plenty of history too. I'm pretty sure you could get a bus from Newcastle.

    1. I'd love to go there. When we drove past on the way to Edinburgh a couple of years ago, Corey didn't seem that keen on walking along it. Which is strange, considering he's an archaeology graduate. It may be one of those things he thinks he won't enjoy, but then does.

  3. Hi Crysta.

    I'm starting to realise how much there is to see within the UK. Well worth exploring. I vistited Bath over the Summer and would definitely recommend it. We stayed in a lovely inn just outside of Bath - much cheaper, and only a short bus ride into Bath. If you want to read a little more about it, I wrote it up here:

    We also had a great weekend in Dentdale, on the Lakes side of the Yorkshire Dales, for our wedding anniversary. Dentdale is on the Settle-Carlisle train route, though the station is up a wee hill! Dent is small and friendly, a great base for walks, and has a good brewery pub. I wrote about that, too, if you wanted to look!

    Happy planning!

    1. I'm thinking Bath may be a good idea for a long weekend somewhere. It's a place I'd love to explore for a few days. I'm thinking it's something I'll need to save for, and make it a nice luxury weekend for two.


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