Tuesday, 4 December 2012

#ShareAdvent days 2, 3 and 4

I've been bad this weekend, and not been doing my #ShareAdvent challenges. Well, I have, but I haven't been posting about them. In all fairness, I wasn't online much. On Saturday I went up to Manchester, where I met some ladies from Any Other Woman. Anna K, Mahj, Bella and Zan were all absolutely lovely. So lovely in fact that I missed my last train back to Leicester. Yes, to those two of you who know me and read this blog, I, Miss Crysta "We need to be here half an hour before the train/bus/other form of transport arrives just in case we hit traffic/bad weather/piano's falling out of the sky" Campbell. Getting back to Leicester on Sunday was followed by a day and a half of Christmas tree decorating, furniture moving, furniture building and cleaning. I'll write a more lengthy post about my journey up North (probably on day 8 since it involved Christmas markets) some point soon.

Yes, Jack Skellington is peeking out there
So, Day 2 of #ShareAdvent is to make a Christmas playlist for someone else's journey home at Christmas. Unfortunately that leaves me with the choice of two people (since everyone else still lives with their parents). Neither of them would listen to a Christmas playlist I've made. It's sad but true (if either of you want me to make a playlist for you, feel free to ask!). So I'm going to cheat with this one...I'll be making one for me (ooooh, selfish!). It'll pretty much be from the Now Xmas CD, but with a few additions. When it gets closer to the time, I'll post the whole thing on here. Walking Through the Air will definitely be on that list!

Day 3 was to start reading my favourite book. I'm already reading Jane Eyre, but I'll also be reading The Secret Garden. Quite possibly my favourite book from my childhood (there's so many, though). It's the reason I love gardening and nature. I still wonder at what's hidden behind high walls in the gardens of big houses, imagining that it's a garden that no one has been in for years.

Day 4 is to either write Christmas cards or do a Christmas craft. Well, I need to make my Christmas cards first (have to start that tomorrow!), so tonight, instead, I will be making this:

Corey bought it for me, and I think I'll make it to go on my little Christmas tree I have for work!

(I promise to make more of an effort on posts through the month! Still recovering from the weekend!)

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