Thursday, 4 October 2012

Somewhere along the way, I've lost something...

A year ago I completed my masters. I was just starting my internship job and was waiting for my results. A year and a half ago I was immersed in the study of human rights, passionately advocating my viewpoint on things, putting forward arguments, and analysing the views of others.

A year later and I have misplaced that. I've lost it somewhere in the tiredness that comes with months of bad nights sleep, the stress of finding a new job, neighbours who argue and life in general. I had passion. I had drive. I had a love of analysing and researching and writing long essays (I know, I know...who likes writing essays? Me, it seems...). I miss that person. I know she's there, hiding somewhere, underneath the shadows and bags that lurk beneath my eyes.

Corey wrote this on my facebook wall yesterday:

"how is the detainment and non-prosecution of Babar Ahmad for the last 8 years at all legal. He is fighting extradition to the US on accusations of funding terrorism through a website, but has been in jail the whole time. To use a horribly overused phrase - this must be against human rights or some such thing! The CPS has even admitted that it doesnt have enough evidence against him." All spelling and grammar mistakes can be attributed to him... :-P

A year ago that would have been me, vehemently explaining why detention without trial is wrong. I love the fact somewhere along the line I've influenced Corey and he's getting indignant at things like this. 

I read a blog yesterday, one I've been trying to find for a while, but my internet didn't want to show it to me. It's called A is for Aspirin and the way in which the writer writes about her subject is incredible. You can tell she thoroughly enjoys the subject she was studying, and her explanations of things is so accessible. It got me thinking: I loved what I was studying for my masters. I don't want to lose that part of myself. I want to talk with passion about the things I know and observe, about the injustices that I see, about the things that need changing. 

I promised Corey that I would answer his question. But in order for me to answer his question, I'm going to have to look at  this case in more depth. I'm going to have to do some research on the matter, so that I can talk with some authority. So, sometime soon, once I've had a decent amount of sleep, I will write him a brief essay on the matter and post it on here. I can't promise that my writing will be as interesting as the writing of Katielase (from A is for Asprin), but I will do my best.

Poor boy doesn't know what he's in for... 

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