Saturday, 22 September 2012


I haven't been ignoring this blog, honest and truly! I am taking a break as I make a few changes (and buy an extortionate amount of wool!). A good friend and I both want to be more productive with our time and skills. And so, starting from October, we are setting ourselves tasks to do each month. Making a list of things we would like to achieve, and then setting our minds to do them. Improving this blog is on my list, and so I've spent the past few weeks thinking about how I would like to improve it, and what I would like to include. I will be doing a lot of crafting over the next few weeks in the run up to Christmas, so there will be a lot of that on here. And I'd like to improve my photography skills. This will all be reflected on here.

Oh, and there's every chance that my layout will change (once again...). Sorry about that! Once I've decided on something that makes me absolutely happy, I'll stick to it. I promise!

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