Wednesday, 4 December 2013

#ShareAdvent Wreath Wednesday

This year I was desperate to make my own wreath. Last year I saw other people's examples and ideas on Pintrest boards that I wanted to try out. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the time or energy to buy the materials in town or look online for something.

So I cheated a little. I've kind of half DIYed a wreath. When looking at Christmas trees I noticed that Homebase had some pine wreaths for sale, too. It was amusingly described as a 'decorated wreath' even though it was greenery plus a bow. While waiting for Corey to come and help me carry the tree home, I found some star LED fairy lights on sale for £2 and decided I'd use whatever is lying around and 'decorate' the wreath as opposed to DIY one.

Here is the wreath, plus lights, with some of the stuff that I had lying around the house.

Yeah, ok, Corey's brother was around, so I didn't have much space in the living room to spread things out to let them look pretty.
In my stash of stuff was last years wreath and a multitude of ribbon scraps that I've been buying for cheap from a shop in town, convinced they will be useful one day. It's unfortunately gone out of business recently. It would have been my go to place for wreath supplies.

I decided to wind the LED's around it, remove the delightful red bow that came on the wreath, attach the bells from the previous wreath onto the bottom and make some bows with my ribbon scraps. These were attached using some wire thread. I wanted to do a nice big bow for the top, but did not have any stiff enough ribbon. Again, I just used what had been on the wreath from last year.

If I were more creatively minded, I'm sure I would have done something a little more eye catching and attractive. But I'm rather happy with my efforts.

I come home from lunch, turn on the LED's when I walk out the door and come back in the cold, dark evening to something bright, cheerful and wonderful smelling. It may not be a thing of creative beauty, but it is a thing that brings me joy.


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