Sunday, 7 April 2013


March was busy. I was too tired to crochet or blog, and didn't want to take any pictures. I was rather worried I had fallen out of love with taking photographs. 

Corey and I went for a walk on Sunday. I was taking so many pictures that we were out for 3 hours on a walk that would normally have taken us an hour and a half. It turns out I still love my camera.

The River Soar is my favourite part of Leicester. Full of birds, it's a wonderful place to go for a meander on a day when spring has finally arrived. (Sorry, this post is rather photo heavy!)

The trees have eyes!
I took the photographs in black and white because, well, Leicester has it's pretty parts, but it's also got a lot of stark, industrial buildings. I always think they look far better in black and white.

I took nearly 300 photo's on our 3 hour walk. I've since reduced it down to 85. Is it normal to take so many photo's? I want to crop a few, but I felt, since I haven't blogged in a while, I should probably post something!

Oh, one last photo, just to show spring is finally here!


  1. I like the photos, Crysta, especially the one with the swan framed to the left side. I always take lots of pictures, too, but tends to end up with ten shots of the exact same thing from different settings or a slightly different angle! Also, yay for Spring!

    1. Thank you! That's the reason I end up with so many pictures, too, although on Sunday it was mostly because I was taking continuous shots of birds flying.

      And yes, thank goodness Spring has arrived! Now, perhaps, we can all defrost a little.

  2. Your spam is funny.
    What does that even mean?????

    Anyway, Crysta, write more blog posts. Thanks. Love, K. xx


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