Monday, 26 November 2012


After the last three posts, I think I should cheer things up a bit. First up: I've not been slacking (too much) in the crafting department. I've just had two problems with putting my work on the blog

a) Tiredness, making me unable to really think about what to write, let alone getting down to writing about it

b) I can't put some projects on the blog as they're being given as Christmas presents to people who read the blog. (Yes, Joe, your gift is currently sitting on my lap. Very nearly finished.)

I have a 4 day weekend coming up. During which I will be busy, but I'm also hoping I'll recharge in time for Christmas. I'd quite like to come back and pay my blog some attention! In order to give it some attention, I'm going to join in with a hashtag challenge. It's called #ShareAdvent, set up by Anna at Skin & Blister.

Hopefully in the process I'll get to know some other fellow bloggers. Alongside that, I'm also looking forward to feeling a little more Christmasy. I love Christmas. The food, the smells, the buying and wrapping of presents (I'll confess...all my Christmas shopping will be done by the end of November) all somehow have this slightly magical quality that makes me incredibly happy.

I'll have to shift some of the Advent challenges around, and tweak others a bit, but I plan on doing them all. For one thing, I'm already re-reading my favourite book! To help Corey get to sleep, I've started reading Jane Eyre to him.

I can't wait until next week, when we can go buy the tree (and I can get my annual allergic rash to the pine needles. I'll stare at the dots as they gradually appear and get larger, while Corey yells at me to take an antihistamine. Does that count as a Christmas tradition?), put up the decorations, I can put the gifts under the tree and watch some Christmas films!

In the meantime, I'm going to try and get a few decent nights sleep, eat and drink properly, and try and recharge those batteries!


  1. SO pleased you're joining in Crysta!
    I'm so excited about all the lovely people who have said they're taking part. Really looking forward to seeing your tweets and blog posts.

    Is it wrong that I actually find bad traditions like your allergies the best? Another lady said hers was that she always has a massive row just before Midnight Mass with her mum as they're both tired and stressed and then they make up on the walk home every year! I know it should be the good things that stand out but there's a charm to negative ones.

    Stock up on Piriton and thank you for posting! xx

    1. I think #ShareAdvent is a wonderful idea! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone gets up to.

      That is such a lovely story. There's often so much love and affection behind things like that. It sounds like they use it to clear the air quite nicely before Christmas day.

      I have a nice stash of antihistamines, ready for me to forget (once again) to take them before decorating the tree!


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