Friday, 14 September 2012

Holiday blues

We got back from holiday on Sunday, after a 12 hour drive from Germany to Leicester. Since then my evenings have been filled with me shopping for something, and then coming home and cooking, and finally sitting down around 8.

One of those days shopping involved me buying henna, coming home, cutting and then dying my hair...I will put up pictures of before, after and during, with instructions on how to cut your own hair if you'd like to do what I did. That evening was rather interesting...I wasn't nervous about cutting my hair as I've done it before. However, I didn't realise henna was quite so messy. I was screaming for cotton wool buds from Corey, who was confused as to why I was panicking until he saw me sitting in the middle of an old sheet, henna down my face, up my arms, over my legs, and me worried I'm going to have to go into work the next day, rather orange. I first want to meet a friend on Sunday, and see his reaction to his no longer blond haired friend before I put pictures up.

Anyway, the jist of what I'm saying is, well...I've been wanting to post, but not really had time to have a sit down and post things. However, tonight's shopping expedition is off to Button Boutique in Leicester to buy some wool. So I should have a few projects to show you all.

Christmas is around the corner and I've got many things I need to make!

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