Friday, 17 August 2012


I went out last night with colleagues to Leicester Fringe Thursday, the end of a week long festival arranged by one of my managers. It was good, but it meant that a) I didn't post anything yesterday (I had nothing in my drafts...need to build up some draft articles while Corey works this weekend!) and b) I'm too tired today in order to actually write anything properly. Didn't get home particularly late. I was just unable to go to sleep until 2 am...I think I need a long wind down period and even though I was physically exhausted last night, I obviously wasn't mentally tired. This weekend, I am not staying up late, or going to cricket matches, or doing anything strenuous. I bough some gadgets for my I may head out and play about with them if the weather plays nice.

Anyway, the reason for this title...I am so unsatisfied with the way my blog has looked. For those who have clicked on facebook/twitter links to my blog every time I post a link to it, you've probably seen the various transformations I've undertaken. But I still don't like it, and that's why it's likely to change several times more. I want my photographs to pop nicely. I want the background to be mellow, but bright. I'd also like to use my actual photography as a background, but I may have to crop it until it's small enough in size to be used.

I also need to sort my posts, and add to the various headings. I'm thinking of having a bit explaining beginners crochet (can't do anything more complicated than that as I'm a beginner!), adding to it as I learn. I'm thinking of having a recipes page, linking to things I've made that I've posted onto this blog. And, should I ever understand photography terminology and learn how to use my camera properly, I'll probably have a bit about that, too, somewhere. All in all, this blog is a mish mash of personal stuff, and creative stuff. And quite frankly, I don't plan on focusing on one over the other, as I'm a bit of a mish mash and I want this blog to reflect that about me. I love blues and greens. I love bright reds and yellows, pinks and oranges. I love mellow, but I also love in your face and eye catching...I want my blog to be all of that!

But the problem with that is...I'm stuck, not knowing how to design the bloody thing so that it looks like a mish mash. A wonderful, bright, yet harmonious mish mash. I'm beginning to wonder if I ask too much...


  1. Yes, yes you do. :-P

  2. Well, I just like things to be perfect. And I don't instinctively get colour right. So it takes me a while. I'm hoping this works, though! If this style doesn't look good, or makes things hard to read, let me know!


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