Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sorry for the brief interruption in programming

Ok, yes, I know, this isn't a program...but anyway...

So much has happened in this past month, and I feel so guilty at neglecting this blog. I fully intended to try and post once a day once Corey and I moved house at the end of September. Then everything went to pot.

Firstly, even though I organized it perfectly so that our internet would be disconnected and then connected within a day, Virgin decided to mess this up. So we were left without internet for two weeks. No internet = no blogging.

Secondly, I started my new job. Which I'm not going to mention much here, since I am blogging about it on its own little blog, which I have to do for my internship. But me being me, I'm also doing extra hours at the library once a week. So in total I'm working 6 days per week, with Sunday's off, which has led to a tired Crysta. I've also had some pretty serious issues with our accommodation, but I'm hoping that's all sorted now. But this has led to me not being able to get onto this. And I have missed it! I've also missed reading all my regular blogs and have felt really out of touch. But I am back now! Hopefully...barring any mishaps.

Anyway, I realise this isn't much of a post, but I need to blog on my other blog (so many uses of the word blog, my inner essay writer is saying "Find another word! Find another word!"). I also need to cook food...hopefully, if I have energy and time later tonight, I'll write something a little bit more. I might even put some pictures in as well, if I can...

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