Sunday, 25 September 2011

The big bad world of work.

I honest to goodness planned on blogging more this month. But then Corey's birthday happened. And then we went to St Albans for his cousins wedding, where I met his mothers side of the family for the first time in 5 years. Then I took a week to recover from that (ok, truth is I cleaned the house and started packing. His family were lovely, and not scary), after which my laptop's hard drive decided to break on me. Which was wonderful. And cost me money I don't currently have. WHOOOO!

Anyway, tis all fixed, and even though I'm still packing (and cleaning as I pack. Why does this never end!), I thought I'd quickly write a short post (short post for me) about what I'm up to in a week and a days time. 

6th September I had my second (and last) interview for one of the (paid!!) internships that Leicester University have for their graduates. I thought it went a lot better than the last interview. They even asked me some "off the record" questions (I didn't know they kept a record of interviews, anyway...) after the actual questions. But these things are popular, so I didn't get my hopes up. I was just pleased I sounded like a normal human being this time round. I was told they'd let me know by the end of the week/beginning of the next week. So I carried on with my day, walked Corey to the bus stop, went shopping for his birthday, came home, went to training for work. During which time my phone went flat/was turned off. As I went back on my computer, I got an email from the interviewer...Expecting the worst, I opened it up to discover I got the job! So, on October the 3rd, for 6 months, I shall be an intern, a working woman. For the first time in my life I will have a proper 9-5 job. I've been employed before, and full time, but its always been shift work. I'm keeping my Saturday library job. It's only 4 and a half hours, but its extra money. And I have no clue what's happening at the end of the 6 months, so I'd like some money saved up. 

I'd also like to be able to buy some shoes...I am not a shoe girl, mostly because my feet hate shoes and blister at the sight of them, but I currently own one pair of half boots (old, a bit broken, make my feet blister), a pair of flip flops (bought this summer, but overused, so worn, a bit broken), a pair of calf boots (broken, old, blah, blah, blah), walking boots (amazingly comfortable, NOT broken, but not work suitable), a pair of going out open toes (used to be comfy, but now blister my feet in several places, also a bit broken) and a pair of Bootleg shoes from Clarks (for my hospital job: most comfy work shoes ever, but now they hurt my feet :S! Also, possibly about to break). Sum total of the story: I NEED NEW SHOES!

And I would really like these ones:

Because they say "I am professional, yet I also have a personality" and they have dogs on them. And who doesn't want shoes with dogs on them? sum up this post, if someone would like to give me a "WELL DONE! You're a graduate and you managed to get a job in this economic climate!" present: these shoes would be perfect. Or just a "Crysta, you are wonderful, and you make awesome muffins/dinner/cake" present. Or a 

"Sorry I told you I would help you in the garden today, but then got caught up in the F1 and forgot I was supposed to help you. Which meant you did all the heavy lifting, raking, weeding, sweeping, cutting, and general tidying all by yourself"

present. Not that I'm hinting at someone, here...*ehem, Joe Cullen...

Yeah, ok, whatever. I know I said this would be a short post. But I'm really tired, and trying to find the energy to get up, put on dinner, then have a bath...


  1. Is fixing your laptop not enough? Or brownies? Look in the fridge. :P

  2. I saw what was in the fridge. Are you trying to get me drunk, Mr Cullen? Is one bottle of wine not enough? Do you now want slightly hyper, rather affectionate, liable to fall asleep in a corner Crysta?


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