Saturday, 20 August 2011


I have an early morning confession to make...

I read wedding blogs...

I have a wedding ideas word document...

I have bookmarks of many of these blogs and other random wedding related things...

Am I getting married? Nope. Why do I read them? Well, I'm pretty certain I've found my ever after man, and so I'm also pretty certain one day we will get married. I'm getting ideas beforehand so that when the time comes I'll have a very small head start. By ideas and head start read: I know I won't want to spend more than about £5000 (even that amount on what amounts to one day and just a slightly bigger party with more cake makes my brain go WHAAA...?), therefore I will have to DIY, have a cheap venue etc etc. I have NOT done an Elliot Reed and booked said venue nor do I know where I would have said venue. That would be up to Corey and myself when the time comes. All I know is the church I want to be married in. But having a slight head start may mean we can marry in a year after we get engaged rather than 2.

Also...I'm more than flat broke currently. I will have two degrees soon and pretty few career prospects. I have no clue what will happen in the coming months and that scares the life out of me. Will I get a job? Will I get funding for a PHD? Will I ever be able to afford to go abroad again? Can I make my father's 50th birthday in South Africa next year? etc etc... Planning our wedding (yes, Corey, its you at the end of the isle...Corey? Corey? Why are you running away? COREY!) lets me sit back and fantasize about something happy, wonderful and pretty. With dancing and pretty dresses. It lets me forget, for a minute, that come September I got no clue what's happening.

Plus, I am insanely lucky to have discovered sane wedding blogs, with non-judgmental women (and men in some cases) who will support your every decision, even if they don't understand why you're making it. Which, apparently, is quite rare in the wedding industry world. It also seems pretty rare in the friends and family world. It seems, you see, that people will not support your every decision. You will have someone disagree with a choice you've made, or get offended at a silly little thing. Or tell you you should be doing it like this...So its good to know, in advance, that there are some nice, safe havens of sanity somewhere. Also, many of these blogs don't just focus on weddings. Instead they focus on life, the universe and everything. And they are written by wise, witty, wonderful people. To my friends (and family) who are engaged and planning a wedding: head on over to Any Other Wedding. It is my addiction, and I love it so much. Its the perfect mix of pretty and reality. And these women are sane, in a crazy enough to be interesting kinda way.

And, finally, sometimes its just nice to look at pretty  wedding dresses!

P.S. wanna know something even more crazy? I have already decided I will be getting a dress made...even crazier than that, I already have the pattern I want sewn up...But the pattern is a few years out of date, is sold out pretty quickly when people sell it on ebay, so I snapped it up pretty quickly when I discovered it on sale one day.

It looks like this:

Yes, I'll be wearing that to a church. I'll probably have the shoes in white, though, to go with the dress. Or bright pink. Or yellow. Or something that's not black. Don't worry, folks, I'll be getting a boob job before hand so I can do the dress justice!

This shall be my veil:

The actual dress is my second choice. I especially love the fact you end up looking like a box with a skirt.

And for the reception, this shall be my evening frock:

I've already had it priced. It's going to cost about £5678 to get it all made for me. Custom made.

...Or perhaps I'm just not telling you what my dress actually looks like, because, well, Corey reads my blog sometimes. When he can be bothered. When he's bored of his football sites.

Also...Hell no will I be getting a boob job! Even if it is to look good in a wedding dress!

Have a good Saturday, peoples!

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