Saturday, 1 August 2015

"That was awfully nice of you"

It turns out that a 6 month engagement is not conducive to blogging. I've got a lot of things I want to share from that time. I've got holiday photos from last year I'd like to talk about. I've got the actual wedding weekend itself, with hints and tips for anyone wanting a wedding with lots of guests (we had just under 120 people), with a small budget (ours was £4,000 and we came in at just under that).

I also have a flat to clean today, but I'm ignoring that fact, because I've spent 3 hours posting our professional wedding photos to Facebook and now I can't be bothered to clean. Plus it's made me feel a little mushy. While I don't have time to properly talk about the day, I can quickly share for you Corey's wedding gift to me.

A few months before the wedding I asked him if we were doing wedding gifts, if so whether we were going to have a budget for it. He was rather non committal until just before when he said of course. I bought him a wallet with his initials on, as his wallet had just broken. I wrote him a card rather quickly. I think I'd run out of emotional energy just before the wedding and wasn't at my best when writing the cards (or giving my speech!). I thought his gift would be something he'd bought quickly in the weeks before as it had initially sounded like he wasn't that enthusiastic about wedding gifts. I'm using this as an excuse for my uninspired gift to him. I'm usually a great gift giver, but only if I have the time to think up something good!

It turns out I was wrong. He'd been thinking about his wedding gift for as long as he'd been thinking about proposing. Which makes it even more unfair as that was nearly a whole year before our wedding date...

Anyone who has read Any Other Women over the years may know that the West Wing has played a big part in our relationship. If you haven't, here's a link to where I talk about it, if you're interested. I was desperate to include something West Wing related in our wedding. A quote, a line, a piece of music, anything. It didn't work out. Then I opened his card. This is what he'd written (there is one minor spoiler in this. I've blanked out the second slightly bigger spoiler, hence the gaps in the writing! Any spelling or grammatical mistakes are his).

"Just a little message for you whilst you get ready.

Once again this present is result of an idea I have had since last summer when I chose the ring It is a simple gift but one I hope takes you back to the start of our relationship - those long nights of watching TV together, the day when you were exhausted/ill laying in bed whilst I played football manager. Then the long wait you had to watch the final series; to the geeking out we can now do together. 

Must like the symbolism of the show, this present represents the belief I have in us too. We are '9 Seasons' (10), stronger than ever (and well into the ____ ____ [ed: the gaps are the post Jed Bartlet President & Vice-President] Premiership). We have something that works exceptionally well, and like the show, something that has evolved and gone through several stages. From the early hope and insecurity which bloomed in confidence, followed by loss in faith, tension and arguments (without the shootout), the rediscovery and strengthening. Sure our plans have had to be modified, but I feel that we have the foundation for a strong future. Thank you for being my rock and support, I love you with all my heart and can't wait to spent the rest of my life with you"

Below is his gift to me.

Photo by the talented Take Aim Photography

If you've seen the West Wing you'll know what episode this is from. You'll know what it symbolises to the character it's given to, how important it is and how it gives him strength. It hangs above my side of the bed, where it will probably always remain, for me to look at in times when times are good and for those times when we might struggle. It's not just Corey giving me something he knew I'd geek out about. It's about him showing me that after 9 years he still believes in us and he always will.

This looks like a paper napkin in a frame which, essentially, it is. Here's the one from the show:

From the episode: Bartlet for America season 3 episode 10 of the West Wing.
Picture Source: West Wing Moments
Corey had researched the picture. He found the closest frame to the one that was used in the show. He matched his handwriting to it. He didn't go as far as scrunching it up, but I kind of like that he didn't. The one on the show was meant to be years old, it was meant to show that it had been carried around and looked at often. My one is new. Over time its age will show in a different way. It'll evolve and change. Just like we will.

Now, instead of cleaning the flat, I think I'll watch the West Wing instead.

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  1. This is an AMAZING story - as I've never seen the West Wing, it was pretty meaningless to me when I saw your gift on Twitter but this brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for sharing!


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