Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank holiday weekend

It's a bank holiday weekend, which normally means one of two things. Either I spend it going to see my parents, or I use the time to tackle various flat related jobs. This weekend, and the reason I didn't blog on Saturday or Sunday, I've done the second thing. 

Corey usually works on Saturdays, but he had this one off, so we spent the day just vegging. I had big plans for what needs to be done in the flat, but after the lack of sleep I had the past two weeks, a day of vegging was absolutely perfect. 

Yesterday was when the real work began. I may have mentioned (about 100 times) that we live in a tiny flat. Well, we both have far too many things in the flat. So yesterday we spent some time throwing away things we don't need (like empty boxes), sorting everything out so that it has a place and cleaning. The living room and under the bed stuff is sorted. I've managed to get rid of a bookshelf without getting rid of too many books, and it's really opened up the living room a fair bit more. Once the rest of the flat is sorted, I'll take a couple of pictures to show you it. 

We're never going to have an uncluttered flat. We need a bigger space, but we'd like to save for a space of our own. The sacrifice is living here for a bit longer until we have a deposit for a house. We could get rid of more things, and live a minimalist life, but we're both sentimentalists. I spent part of yesterday going through the boxes under the bed, all of which contain mostly my stuff. Each of those boxes contains a wealth of memories. Postcards written to me by various people, including my grandmother a few months before my grandfather died. Pictures of days gone by. Gifts, trinkets that mean nothing to others, but that mean the world to me. 

Today I will be tackling my wardrobe, and cleaning the rest of the flat. I hope to have some time to go for a walk in the afternoon sunshine.

Have a good bank holiday Monday, everyone!


  1. Well done on the clearing out! That's usually how I spend my bank holiday weekends but I did a huge clutter purge at the start of the year so I can do other stuff this time :) . Enjoy the rest of your day x

    1. We had a good clean at the start of the year, but really needed a good clear out, too! The place feels so much better now that it's all done. It's wonderful!


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