Monday, 14 January 2013

Angry birds

When I saw this pattern for the Angry Birds red cardinal and the pig, I just knew I had to try and make them for my cousin as a Christmas present.

Easier to do than the Sonic, as it's pretty much one single part with a few additional bits sewn on, I stupidly started this at the last minute. Come Christmas eve, I was up at 7 am to try and sew it all together and get it ready for wrapping and packing. Which explains the following, very rushed, picture:

I couldn't get the eyebrows right on the red cardinal. The sewing on could have been more symmetrical, but that's my fault for sewing it up so quickly! The pig is fine, but I'd like to work on the bird a bit more.

My cousins reaction was to request some more of the characters, and ask for a beanbag of the above two. So I guess he didn't notice the imperfections. Note to self: stop being so hard on yourself! Oh, and if you don't want as many imperfections, don't make them in such a rush!

I also need to get hold of some safety eyes, that's for sure. I'll be making a list of the things I want to make for Christmas this year and what I'll need to get for them. I know it's very early, but I need to start very early!


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    1. Except now I have to get started on beanbag making! I may see if I can adapt the pattern to that, and get it done for when he goes to university. Which is in two and a half years time, so plenty of time for me to try!


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