Monday, 15 October 2012

Well, it's been a while

A month ago I promised myself I would start to regularly post on this blog. By this, I told myself, it's ok not to post once a day, but once every other day would be good. When did I last post? Tuesday! Last Tuesday!

Corey is currently working full time to cover for a colleague who's waiting for an operation. Which is great, particularly since it's right before Christmas, so he doesn't have to stress about present money. But all of last week he was getting up at 4:45 am in order to get into work at 6, with lights off at about 10 in the evening. I thought this was a good time to catch up on my reading (via my phone's e-book apps), but ended up falling asleep a lot quicker than expected. We've also been catching up on Newsroom, which means my laptop being commandeered most nights. Oh, and last Monday I managed to injure myself. 

It's taken nearly a week of neck and upper back pain for me to realise what I've done to myself. Since Tuesday evening my neck has been in a fair bit of pain, similar to the whiplash pain I suffered when I'd been in a car crash many years ago. I've been pretty perplexed as to what the heck I've done to have caused this, as on Tuesday all I did was go to work, and come home. Yesterday, while talking to my mother about all the various things it could possibly be (although all the things it could have been happened a day before the pain started...) I moved my arm in a certain way. My neck and shoulder pain suddenly increased and a light bulb moment occurred. Last Monday I picked up a weight Corey had been using and as I put it down, I didn't put it down smoothly. I felt a bit of a twinge as I did it, but ignored it and the pain went away soon after. It was the same movement that I did last night. At least I FINALLY know why I'm so sore. I don't do being in pain very well. Not because I walk around like a martyr, but because I get frustrated at not being able to do ALL THE THINGS, persist in trying to do all the things, and ending up in more pain. I'm stubborn like that. It was even more frustrating not knowing why I was in pain, whether the pain was going to go away or whether it was being caused by something (pillows, posture etc). But now I know I've pulled a muscle, said muscle will heal and pain will go away. And I don't have to spend silly amounts of money on special pillows.

But that has meant I can't do all the things. One of those things has been typing on my laptop. Another of those has been crocheting as fast as I was. I'm hoping to finish the first of Corey's Christmas presents today, and once that's done, I may have to take a step back from crocheting for a couple of days. I really, really don't want to, as I have quite a lot to get sorted before December. But it's probably best for me to get better, and not try and continue through the pain. It sucks, and I probably won't give up the crocheting completely, as I'm really enjoying making the things I'm making. I will have to restrict myself, though.

In the meantime, I've taken a few pictures this weekend. I've been visiting the parents over the weekend, as my grandmother has come over from South Africa for my aunts wedding. I tried to take pictures of the family, to follow on from my previous photography session. They aren't that great, as none of my family like photo's. It was difficult to get natural, candid ones. And then my battery went flat. But there's enough there to base a post around.

I can also show you some of the crafting projects I've started, but not quite managed to finish yet. I also have plenty of nonsense to talk about, generally. This week, I will try and be a little bit better, and not forget about the blog entirely.

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