Monday, 8 October 2012

Not quite there yet!

I was planning on Monday's post being about what I crafted the previous week. However, I have managed to start three projects, and not finish one of them. This is due to three things:

1) I worked 7 days last week and so my weekend was taken up with things like collapsing in bed
2) I took Monday and Tuesday off and proceeded to give myself arm ache crocheting something that didn't work on the Monday. So I made cards on Tuesday, as opposed to crochet. I started knitting my cousins scarf on Wednesday.
3) Corey coming home earlier than expected and so I didn't finish the present I was making for him on Sunday. 

I should have something to show you by the end of the week, hopefully! I've been having so much fun making Corey's gift, I can't wait to start the other gifts. I won't be able to give you exact details of his stuff, as he said he "might one day look at my blog". Which is Corey's speak for "the chances are highly unlikely, but you never know". 

He was away for all of last week. I was planning on getting a few of his things made, but this didn't happen, as you can tell. I don't sleep well when I'm home alone. I also forget to eat. So I was unusually tired and demotivated for much of the week. 

Does anyone else find they forget to eat if they're alone? It's not only when Corey isn't around. When I'm at my parents I often suddenly realise it's late afternoon/early evening, and I haven't eaten anything other than a piece of fruit. I think it's because I don't enjoy eating on my own. I don't have an emotional connection with food, I have a social connection. I spent a lot of time after school sitting on the kitchen counter, talking to my mother about my day as she cooked. And visa versa: when I cooked, I'd be chatting to her as she did various chores. As a family we would sit down around the dinner table every night. Granted, it's a rather quick meal: 20 minutes, then back in the kitchen to clean up. But we'd sit there, talking, joking, laughing.

When I'm on my own and eating, food just becomes about keeping me fueled. It's not as fun, not as satisfying. I swear, it doesn't even taste as good. I find it difficult to see much point in going to any effort, just for myself. The result is random concoctions of rice or pasta and chopped tomatoes. To combat this, I now make a bigger batch of food up the week before Corey goes away, and freeze it so that I at least have something nutritious to have for dinner. He and Joe constantly asked last week if I'd been eating properly or telling me it's not healthy to not bother eating dinner.

He's been back since yesterday evening, and already my imagination is coming up with different meals I could make this week. Soups to ward of the cold, casseroles, pies, breads and biscuits. 

Speaking of food...there's a rumbly in my tumbly. I'd better go and cook some dinner!

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