Saturday, 11 August 2012

Corey's birthday present...finally

So, back in September I told you I was planning on taking Corey around London for his birthday. I intended to do it in October, at the latest, but unfortunately due to Corey's broken wrist, my starting an internship while carrying on my library job and issues with our flat meant that we only managed to get down to London in March.

I was meant to be going to my Dad's 50th birthday celebrations in South Africa in March, but as I had no clue whether or not I would have a job at the end of that month, I couldn't justify spending what would amount to £1000 for a holiday (that's flights plus spending money). But as I'd taken the leave, I went down to Cambridge to look after the animals. It was during this time I finished Corey's jumper. It was also during this time that we finally went on his birthday trip. And also finally went to the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge. The Fitz wasn't quite what I was expecting. I thought it would be less of an art gallery and more of a museum. But it was a good day out, even though we ended up soaked to the skin because Corey decided it was just drizzling, therefore we didn't need to take the bus...I really shouldn't listen to that boy when it comes to the weather...

And then we went to London. Which meant getting up bright and early and rushing for the bus. The day didn't start off brilliantly, what with us both being very tired and me rushing us along to try and get into town in time. Corey's legs were aching, so he wasn't able to power along as per usual. But we caught the bus in time and I had a nap. Which always helps my grumpiness. I was trying to hide the annoyance, as it was his birthday day, but I often fail.

The British Museum was the first place we went to. We walked from Victoria coach station to the Museum, which was lovely. Got to Buckingham Palace at the changing of the guards, but couldn't really see much due to the obvious crowds of people. We then made our way to the museum and wandered around for a few hours. I quite enjoyed it. Granted, we walked straight past the Rosetta Stone the first time round, and it took a while to find Ginger the mummy, but I loved the way the whole place was laid out. I do find, however, that both Corey and myself have the tendency to get tired of looking around museums after a while. It's not that we have a low attention span. It's just that we look at things perhaps a little too in depth. And so we take in so much information our brains beg us to stop!

The entrance to the British Museum
The Rosetta Stone. Pretty impressive...once you realise you've just walked past it...

Ginger. Probably not for the faint hearted.

My favourite thing in the museum: a perfectly working clock, this is. Absolutely stunning!
We then made our way along the one side of the river, on the way to Tower Bridge. We went up the Bridge, which Corey preferred to the British Museum. The views were spectacular, plus the sun was just starting to set.

Tower Bridge
Us, with part of the bridge behind us.

The Thames as the sun goes down.

After all that, we made our way along the South Bank. This was supposed to be the romantic part of the day: walking hand in hand as the sun went down. But it was March...the wind was bitterly cold....and we were both pretty hungry. Which doesn't make for a romantic atmosphere. After a quick dinner at Nando's, and a further walk along the South Bank, we got back to Victoria coach station in time for our bus, and headed back to Cambridge. We caught the bus home, we didn't walk from Cambridge city centre...we were pretty tired by the time we got back!

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