Saturday, 17 March 2012

I am still here!

Ha, typically I promise to write every day, and then fail to do so. The reason for being is that we had to move flat, due to some issues we were having. We just couldn't take the uncertainty in living in a flat where we didn't know if we'd be kicked out of or not, in a place where the landlord and estate agent didn't trust us. So at the end of November, we found somewhere else and moved in in the begining of December. I'll possibly blog about those issues at a later date.

December was spent moving and getting settled in. This place is a three minute walk from work, which is wonderful and means I can come home for a longer time at lunch. We do not have proper internet, which is why I've not posted anything. Our internet consists of a sim card that we put into my phone: not convenient for blogging! The new flat is tiny, but alright for just the two of us, and at first was lovely to live in. Until our ceiling started leaking, then collapsed, which has started a fiasco with our neighbours refusing to admit to a problem and our landlord having to threaten theirs with legal action. I think something is happening now, which hopefully means repairs will be underway, soon.

We've also had to move our living room into the bedroom and visa versa, as our neighbours kitchen and living room was above our bedroom. And they seem to never sleep. They put washing on at all hours of the day and night, walk up and down, talk loudly and cough their lungs up at stupid hours of the morning. After moving the rooms around, we finally started having decent nights sleep. Now our neighbours seem to enjoy arguing at stupid o clock at least once a week. I'm currently in Cambridge again, looking after the animals. During the two weeks I've been away, Corey was awake all night one night with the arguing, and only got 5 hours sleep the other night. I understand people make a noise and are likely to disturb you when you live in flats. I understand people argue. But do they have to do it at 1:30 am? Or, such as the one argument a few months ago, 3 am, with loud screaming and shouting. Where I lay in bed, wondering if I should call the police. Funnily enough, they have a baby, and I thought I'd be woken up by the little one in the early hours. I think we've heard her twice...And neither time did she wake us up.

Anyway, this post was just to say, I am still here. I haven't forgotten this blog, and in fact, I really quite miss it! I think we'll try and get some proper internet once we know where we're settling down. The internship ends at the end of this month, so everything is pretty dependent on whether I have a job afterwards! I will try and post more often, but I can't really promise anything!

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