Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I have a life again!

Ok, ok, it's not much of a life, but dissertation was all done, dusted and handed in last Friday at 10 am. It's not the best, but it felt so good to have it all done! I thought that meant I could clean my house and relax for the next couple of days. Ha ha ha! I forgot how random things just happen to me...This is how Friday went:

6:00 am: curse the time. Drag self out of bed, turn on laptop, read part of dissertation one last time. Eat breakfast, read some more of dissertation. (I have to have one last read before handing it in...I had redrafted it several times before...)

8:00 am: Wake up Corey, don't succeed, read some more of dissertation, try to send it off. Panic when you realise that you can't have Roman numerals for the first few pages and page numbers for the rest on a word document. Dissertation will now not look right. It will all be ruined and you will fail. Your life WILL become a mess and you WILL end up flipping burgers in McDonald's. Or shelf-stacking in Tesco's for the rest of your life.

8:50 am: in panicked state, shout upstairs to Corey. Explain situation: dissertation not look right, Crysta fail, end of world as we know it. Corey knows from tone of voice you don't mean to sound as rude as you do. He tells you you're being silly, and he knows what to do. He sorts it.

9:10 am: panicked now for a DIFFERENT reason. You see, your intention was to leave at 9:00 at the latest to print of dissertation. Now that it's 10 minutes after that time, you know something WILL GO WRONG and you WILL HAND IT IN LATE and then you WILL FAIL etc etc etc. Even though deadline is 1pm and you have plenty of time.

9:30 am: get to uni. Print off 60000 pages. Ok, maybe its only 58. Check pages are in the right order. DON'T READ anything, just pages numbers. You have already sent dissertation in online, and you know if you see ONE MISTAKE on the hard copy, it will eat at you until you get your results.

10:00 am: Go to Law Department. Ask if you can buy binder. Yes you can. Ok, so now you need to get it bound? Nope, done right there, while you wait! Binder is magic like that. Put dissertation into inside of binder spine, slam shut: voila!

10:10 am: breath sigh of relief, hug Corey, who looks at you weirdly. Resist urge to sing about Raindrops and Roses like a crazy person. Go to Morrisons and shop

11:30 am: finish shopping, get home, eat, psych self up for cleaning the house.

12:30 pm: Corey goes into uni. Turn on music REALLY LOUD! Start cleaning bathroom

12:40 pm: BANG BANG BANG! Who the hell is knocking on the door? Check out upstairs window, see blue cast. Must be Corey. Get confused. Door opens before you get downstairs. Corey has something in hands...

Realise you won't be cleaning for the rest of the day. You will be looking after little baby squirrel, about 5 weeks old. Who was attacked by a magpie and my softhearted, wonderful man decided to rescue him and bring it home.

I spent the rest of the day searching for how to feed squirrels. Corey called the RSPCA and local vet to see if they would help. Nope, they wouldn't. I then bought a hamster cage, got some food supplies, thinking we'd have the little fella for a while, got home and searched for someone who would help. Poor thing had part of his tail removed and really needed someone to care for him properly. We finally got someone to take him. I can only hope he's doing alright.

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