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Instead of having blogs next to my posts, I thought I'd have a list here. These are my favourite blogs on all of the internet. Some of them make me laugh, some of them make me think. Others are practical and link to my hobbies. I enjoy them all.

Any Other Woman I started reading it when it was Any Other Wedding. I stopped for a while, due to the demons in my head telling me I didn't belong amongst this community of incredible women. They are all incredible. The posts are wonderful, inspiring, funny, tear inducing or sometimes just downright pretty. I was silly. I do belong. So do all of you. 

A Bad Penny She writes about whatever she feels like, whether its her new job or the music she likes. I found her blog through Any Other Woman. By that alone she's pretty awesome. Funny, smart and oh so cool, I love reading anything she writes. She's also started a new blog All We Need Is Radio Gaga

Cakes et al. Written by an old housemate of mine, he gives you the various recipes he's tried lately. I've had one of his cakes...if his recipes make something that tastes as good as the cake, you won't be able to stop eating it. His food is gorgeous.

Earth Moods Written by my best friend (see below)'s mother, Bernie. She spins her own silk and will be opening an etsy shop in the future. I'm a bit worried about this because I'm already addicted to Alpaca. Silk may become a new addiction of mine!

Esme Wins Most of the blogs on here I initially read purely because I loved their posts and comments on Any Other Woman. I then read their blogs and loved their writing. Esme writes, much like Penny, about whatever she feels like at the time. It was also through her blog that I was introduced to Abel and Cole,  and get delicious vegetables delivered to me every Friday.

Hyperbole and a Half She's laugh out loud, I might wet myself funny. She's also very honest about her ADHD and depression. While she hasn't written for a year (I can tell you not to worry, she's still around!), just going through her archives should keep you busy for quite a few days.

Life in Watercolour Written by Lara, a wonderful person I met through Any Other Woman, she has an amazing way with words. She's written a few posts on Any Other Woman, and all of them are absolutely stunning to read. When I grow up, I want to write like she does.

Pufflings Place My best friend, my oldest best friend is an animator! One of the films she worked on was nominated for an Oscar. I don't care that she wasn't one of the "main" people, I'm incredible proud of her and amazed at what she can do. She can draw and make it look like things! Amazingly talented, and driven, I'm looking forward to the day she calls me up and tells me she's working for Pixar.

Skin & Blister The #ShareAdvent creator, Anna writes this blog. My only regret of 2012 is that I didn't discover this blog sooner. I love the photographs, I love her writing, I love her blog. Following on from my trend of reading blogs where people just write whatever they feel like, this is one of those blogs. She's a wonderful person, who writes a lovely blog.

The Bloggess I love her. She's funny, flawed and not afraid of talking about some pretty deep issues. Her blog should come with an age rating, but it's one I would recommend to everyone. I got hooked through this post and haven't been able to stop reading. She is also probably one of the kindest people on the internet, starting off charity drives for various things, her traveling red dress has brought joy to so many women across the world and her ability to talk about issues such as depression make it so much easier for the rest of us to talk about it, too.

The Brass Bell I had the joy of meeting Bella in Manchester in December. She had an initial blog where she talked about her wedding planning. She also cropped up (and still does) on Any Other Woman, in the Diary Of a Wedding Belle.

The Ginger Bee She makes the most amazing things. The items are perfect gifts for newborns, or perfect to kit out a new nursery. Or perfect because you'd quite like an owl picture, or pig cushion, or hairband or makeup bag etc etc for yourself. Check her stuff out! It's great.

The Molecular Circus I was good at science at school. Very good at it. But I didn't find it interesting. If I had a teacher half as good as Katie at explaining all things science, I'd probably be doing a PhD right now in something science related. She's brilliant. She's funny. And while you read, you actually learn a hell of a lot without realising it. She also likes cake. And her blog has balloons. What's not to like?

The Mrs Makes Partially a craft making, recipe sharing, wedding planning blog, partially a write things she wants to write about blog. Laura is completing a PhD in law (very jealous...I must get me one of them PhD things one day) while planning a wedding. I love reading what she's doing, what she's made and what she's thinking about. Plus her posts about how many miles she's run reminds me that I'm a lazy so and so who needs to exercise.

The Olive Dragonfly Bex started the blog off as a way to document her wedding planning. She now writes about food, shopping, travel, photography and a bit of everything else. Her posts make me hungry. Perhaps one day she could teach me how to cook like she does, and present the food so beautifully!

The Wolf Dreamer My go to blog for amigurumi. This is where I found many of the patterns I used for gifts!

Young House Love One day I will own a house. One day I will be able to use this blog as inspiration.

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  1. LOVE this list. Some I don't read already so will definitely check them out.
    Thank you so much for including me, and with such lovely words!

    Anna x x


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