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First of all, why A Hat Full of Wool? Well, kudos to anyone who gets the Terry Pratchett reference. A Hat Full of Sky is one of my favourite novels of his, with the main character, Tiffany Aching being my favourite character. Although Susan Sto Helit comes a pretty close second...Perhaps they're joint first? When I was younger, I had two very close friends, and we were nicknamed the Coven by my father (Tiffany Aching is a witch). So I thought I would name my blog A Hat Full of Wool, to reference one of my favourite books, to relate back to my teenage years and finally because, well...I have a wool addiction. Ok, a yarn addiction, but wool rolls off the tongue so much better!

I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Crysta. Last year I completed an LLM in Human Rights Law and am currently not really following the career path I thought it would lead to. But that's ok, things take time! I like well written TV, whether it be drama, comedy or factual. I love reading, and have a very wide taste in music. I come across as sensible and sane, but I'm anything but.

I've also been in a relationship with a wonderful man for nearly 7 years now, including a year and a half where I went to South Africa for a year, and he went to Australia. It sucked, but we got through it (obviously).

Myself and Corey. One of the rare times he wasn't doing something silly...
...Like this...
 For all his silliness and inability to just take one nice photo with me isthatsomuchtoask?, I wouldn't change him for the world.

The initial reason for this blog was for me to try and start making my own clothes. That didn't work out due to lack of funds and no place to keep my sewing machine. So it morphed into a blog about me being a student and any thoughts I had that I felt worthy of writing down (hence the few and far between posts...) Since this started, however, I've picked up my knitting needles, learnt to crochet and discovered how addictive it is to buy yarn. Not only that, but I finally got the funds to buy a DSLR, and I'm having fun learning how to use that. I'm also trying to keep my cooking relatively exciting, attempting to vary the usual easy to make dishes at least once a week. 

So join me as I bumble along with my various hobbies, attempts at cooking (which will more than likely lead to plenty of stories of me burning/cutting myself...I'm clumsy as all heck) and life in general.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to contribute to this blog in any way, either by commenting or by sending me an email!


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