Friday, 4 February 2011

Attepting to make my own clothes.

I have gotten sick and tired of shopping for clothes over the past few years. Apart from the fact I am not a natural shopper, mention shopping to me and my back starts hurting, clothes lack inspiration. I am 5 foot 6 with a figure that just doesn't seem to fit anything on the clothes racks. I leave decently priced shops feeling misshapen and a freak. Which leads to my inevitable binge in Jane Norman (the only shop that has clothes that makes me look pretty), and the guilt trip that follows (I shouldn't have bought that, I can't afford it. Oh, but I look so pretty in it. But I can't afford it! Why, oh why!). So I decided I would try and make my own clothes for a change. That way I can make things that fit my figure.

First thing to mention: I am not naturally creative. I have this inner artist that aches to come out, but whenever I try and do anything, it always looks like something a five year old takes home from school. Very frustrating. As evidence, I'll put a picture of a cuddly toy I made recently later on. So, needless to say, I am very worried about whether I can make my own stuff. Apparently EVERYONE can sew...whoever said that never met me.

I may not be creative, but I am ambitious. Unfortunately, such ambitions tend to fall by the wayside. I'm a master's student, which means I'm putting all my energy into seminars, essays and finding ways to procrastinate. Currently I am trying to learn the piano. Well, I say try, the keyboard is out of its box. It was in the box for three months. It has never been plugged in since coming out of the box. I am also trying to learn a new language. Again...I did some work on a language program I have about 7 months ago...nothing since. So I decided to ensure that my sewing doesn't go the way of the piano and language learning, I shall set up a blog. Then, perhaps, I'll actually complete something...


  1. Thanks for following my sewing blog. Good luck on your new blog and sewing adventures. Keep me posted so I can come and take a look at your new creations.

  2. Thank you! Your blog looked very useful for a beginner, with all its tips and tutorials. I'm also very interested in vintage patterns and clothing. I'll keep you posted IF I ever manage to succeed in making something!

  3. thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog. :) I'm following you too.

    good luck with your 1st sewing project and don't worry if you make mistakes or it doesn't turn out the way you wanted. It happens to all of us in the beginning :)
    sarah xx

  4. Thank you, too! And any input into ways I might improve anything I do is more than welcome!


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